Kuukua Eshun and Prince Gyasi decided to launch the Boxed Kids campaign when they visited their home country, Ghana. While in Ghana, one of the towns they explored was Jamestown, which is one of the oldest districts in the capital city of Accra. Jamestown is largely a fishing community and for the residents, fishing has become a means of survival. The hard working people of Jamestown fish and sell their catch in order to feed their families. Unfortunately, they barely make enough to survive.

During their visit to Jamestown, Kuukua and Prince spoke to a few kids who happened to be skilled in the art of painting, making artifacts, singing and dancing. Sadly, these extremely creative kids had been forced to drop out of school due to poverty.

Kuukua and Prince featured the kids in a photography project which gained major attention from people around the world after Apple showcased the photos on their Instagram Page. It was at that moment, that they knew they had to do even more to help the kids of Jamestown.

Determined to give the kids an opportunity to get an education, the Ghanaian born duo launched the Boxed Kids Campaign –  “The plan is to further their education till they’re done with middle school at least, for now, we want to concentrate on about 7 or more kids!”

Through their GoFundMe page, they plan to register the kids in good schools and provide whatever they need to stay in school. So far, they have raised $930 but still need to achieve their goal of raising $10,000 for the kids of Jamestown – “Prince and I are two college students who don’t have enough to help these children. Sending them to school means, paying school fees every semester, buying them new school uniforms, shoes, providing transportation, food, and also giving the parents a little something as well.”

To support the cause, you can donate to their GoFundMe page or get in touch with the team to discover other ways you can get involved.