Born and raised in South Africa, 23 year old Langa Mavuso is a soulful singer who is currently making waves on the SA music scene. With two beautiful EPs in the bag and a debut album on the way, Langa opens up about his journey as a music creator, challenges he has encountered and how he finds inspiration in the midst of it all.

What’s your story?

On 25th day of the first month in ’94 a son was born. The son of the Sun (Langa). He grew up in the southern part of Johannesburg and loved music with all his heart. He wished to share his voice with the masses so he went to master his craft at the National School of the Arts and the University of Cape Town. In the year 2016, he returned to Johannesburg and began to hone the stories he had complied through life experience and some from yearning. He now boasts two beautiful musical works called EP’s both based on love and loss. He is a secret lover of love and sometimes the life of the party. He is currently cringing as he writes about himself in the 3rd person because Instagram feeds his narcissism enough.

How did your music journey begin?

I found my voice and began chasing a sound that would best represent me. One that is authentic and true to me. I explored the journey through academic education and practical experiments of performance.

Describe your style of music…

Sonic paintings of the state of my heart; which in simple words is a lot of love songs that find life in different genres and sound scapes. In Libalele, the love is in a state of renewal with vibrant electronic beats from Spoek Mathambo and in Love Six it’s simple and bare behind some RnB and Soul piano. The music is love music.

Who are some of your musical influences?

Daniel Ceasar, Frank Ocean, Kwabs, Miles Davis, Zoe Modiga, D’angelo, Ndumiso Manana and many others.

You recently released your new EP  titled ‘Home’, what it was like creating it and who did you work with on the project?

The music was written by Zoe Modiga and myself and played by Dylan Fine on guitar. All of us were collaborators on the project. Redbull Music facilitated the process.

Most exciting project you’ve worked on so far…

It’s always the project that I’m currently working on that excites me the most. I’m currently working on my debut album and that’s what is constantly on my mind right now.

What personal challenges have you faced on your creative journey?

Money! I’ve been an independent musician until now and financing everything has been my biggest challenge other than that I completely enjoy every part of my work, even when it’s not easy.

A few artist or producers you will like to collaborate with in the near future…

Urban Village, ShoMadjozi, Thandiswa Mazwai and Samthing Soweto

What inspires you?

People and experiences.

What do you do when you’re not creating music?

I hang out with my friends a lot. I love going out to watch other musicians and I drink a lot of coffee in braam.

What do you want your audience to feel/take away when they listen to your music?

I want them to find themselves in the music. Hear the echoes of their own heartbreak or even the emergence of it.

Follow Langa’s journey and discover more of his music here.