March is all about female creators! In line with International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month celebrated this time every year, we will be shining the spotlight on female designers, artists, photographers, filmmakers, writers etc. Our theme for the month of March is #SheWillCreate.

Despite all the odds, women creators are at the fore front of storytelling and creativity. We want to celebrate these amazing women by letting the world know that despite the limitations women will continue to progress.  This also ties in with the 2018 theme of International Women’s Day which is #PressForProgress.

We will be celebrating women creators by featuring only women on our social platforms all through this month. From portraits to pieces of art and even the products they design, the plan is to shine the spotlight on them.

To join us, Use the hashtag #SheWillCreate to celebrate yourself or a female creator you admire. When you tag someone you think we should shine the spotlight on, we’ll do it! So get involved and follow our stories here.

Nothing will stop her, #SheWillCreate!