Created by design duo, Lisa Carinus and Gitte Muller, FOUND. Collection is a proudly South African fashion brand for the modern woman. A passion for all things fashion and design led the two Stellenbosch designers to create their fashion label in 2014. Each garment from FOUND. Collection is crafted using textiles from local artisans who also contribute significantly to the production process. For Lisa and Gitte, supporting local artisans is at the heart of their brand.

We caught up with one half of the design duo and got her to share the FOUND. Collection story, what inspires them to create such timeless pieces and so much more. Read the full story and check out some of their new pieces below!

C&S: How did the idea to create FOUND. Collection come about?

Gitte: We worked alongside as florists and events coordinators and realised we had a very similar creative vision and shared a passion for beauty, fashion and design. It was from this overflow of passion and creativity that the FOUND. Collection was born.


C&S: Was design something you both stumbled on or have you always had a passion for it?

Gitte: We’ve always had the passion and learned a lot from our mothers who were exceptional seamstresses and designers themselves. We have been creating since we were very young.


C&S: Do you think a formal education is necessary for designers or creators of any kind?

Gitte: It definitely will help you – it gives you confidence and you gain valuable skills, but we found that our determination, a hunger to learn, a creative mindset and hard work pulled us through.

C&S: What kind of woman does FOUND. Collection cater to?

Gitte: The FOUND. Collection range is feminine, timeless and wearable with a trendy edge. Most of our items are few-of-a-kind, carefully selected for the modern woman. Our brand caters for individualists; women with vision and a strong sense of identity.


C&S: What inspires the pieces you create?

Gitte: Mainly textiles and elements out of nature such as natural fibres, plant materials, landscapes, the sea, the seasons etc.


C&S: Where do you see your brand in the next 5 years?

Gitte: We would really like to grow our online footprint so that we can make it easy for our customers to shop and look amazing. We would love to host exclusive and private shopping experiences for ladies who are looking for a personalized approach. We would also like to grow our personal styling and shopping department.

C&S: Where can people shop for your pieces?

Gitte: Online at and from any of our stockists.


C&S: Any additional info you would like to share with the readers…

Gitte: We create easy-to-wear items which can be worn with basics or add interest to any outfit. Our items seem uncomplicated but always have a special detail or surprise hidden in the design.

We also create luxury items which can be worn to the most extravagant event. These garments could also be dressed down with sneakers or jeans. Most of these garments are luxuriously lined.  Unfortunately, we do not design custom items.

Our leather garments are all made with the softest sheep Nappa leather. We create new patterns and designs each season and are slowly but surely building our brand to become one of South Africa’s distinct fashion labels.

All our textiles are meticulously sourced and entrusted to a handful of local artisans. They are entrepreneurs who manage their own businesses and create job opportunities in their immediate communities. These individuals craft each garment with exceptional care. It is important to us that we support and uplift local entrepreneurs by giving them greater opportunities for growth. Each item is labelled with all the necessary information and caring instructions.

Our aim is to inspire our clients with our unique designs and textiles. We hope and believe that everyone will find a good thing at FOUND. Collection!

Photographer: He is visual 

Make-Up: Evelyn Francis

Model: Mari Conradie 

Head over to the FOUND. Collection website to discover some more beautiful pieces. You can also follow their journey on Instagram.