Kibuuka Mukisa Oscar was born and raised in Uganda. Although he discovered his passion for photography at 18, Kibuuka already had quite a creative background as he comes from a family of expressive drawing artists. Photography for him is not only a vehicle of self-expression but also an extension of his love for community and social work. Through his photos, Kibuuka aims to share joy. “Give a smile to the world” has become a motto that guides the things he photographs and shares.

Currently based in Kampala, Kibuuka has created a lifelong project centred on documenting youth and hip hop culture throughout Uganda. Most of his photos showcase young people bboying, a street dance which is popularly known as break dancing.

He believes that break dancing plays a huge role in youth empowerment, gender equality and freedom of expression, all of which are important for the African youth. For him, it’s all about making an impact through the stories his photos tell.

“My aim is to record and promote this growing culture in order for us to be able to trace its history. By translating the work of the practitioners in workshops, battles, schools, slums, rural areas and the city into images I use my voice to visually celebrate the positive living associated with this dance form and raise awareness of the impact that break dance can have on people’s lives.”

You can follow Kibuuka’s journey here

Photo Credit: Kibuuka Photography